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One Hundred Times I Die
Black Cat
bulletsvsbadge wrote in dustonthepages
Title; One Hundred Times I Die
Type; Poetry
Summary; Thoughts from my pessimistic self

One Hundred Times I Die

Rememberance is the only word,
So fitting for this blade.
Twisted is this dark, cruel world
No more lives to save.

The ground rat saw his shadow,
And the barrel of my gun.
Draped across the wilting meadow
Is the remnants of the sun.

I'm a professional so shine the light,
This Way, to the end
And learn that what I say is right
And maybe you'll live-
My friend.

Fore I have died one hundred times
By two identical hands.
So long I have paid for the crime
So long I must walk this land.

Don't shed a tear or whisper prayers
God hasn't listened for thirty two years.
Avoid the flames and ignore the voices
No matter what they say there's no choices.

I'll by your guide, your grim reaper.
Fore I have died one hundred times
And it only gets easier.


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